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We know that the cover sells the book, the music industry is no different. Your album cover is the first chance you have at gaining a listener’s attention, and with the growing number of releases each day it’s more important than ever to stand out. The right cover not only grabs a viewer’s attention but also serves to make a strong statement, solidifying your brand’s image.

How it works:

With years of experience creating artwork for the music industry along with effective and efficient working practices, we will work together to create the right brand statement and look for your releases. Using your ideas and concepts I will prepare several drafts to help guide further decisions. With your feedback, I will fine-tune the artwork until the intended result is reached.

Final artwork files will be delivered in 1600×1600 pixels along with a 3000×3000 pixel format for iTunes. Other custom sizes are available upon request.

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A great addition to the cover art service and the perfect marketing package for your release plan. Dress your online accounts in attention-grabbing headers and artwork, post custom content reminding your fans about release dates and events. Header layouts are precisely sized to be responsive and retain detail on all screen sizes and devices.

How it works:

Using your artwork, logos and branding, I’ll create graphics for your social media and promotion accounts. Projects can range from promotional headers — for Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and Twitter — to custom Instagram posts, stickers, posters, flyers, print and more. Logo and brand design are also available.

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The best way to grab a fan’s attention on social media. Draw viewers in with evolving, reactive cover art, play them a sample of your next release and inform them about sale dates all in one short clip. Custom brand animations and templates are also available along with YouTube Beats Videos for beat producers and sellers.

How it works:

Animation can be done using pre-existing artwork or can be created from scratch based on your concepts. Music syncing and looping animations are popular options for promoting new releases via Instagram. And for YouTube beat-creators and producers, dynamic beat animations are a great way to captivate your audience. The possibilities for type and style of animation are truly endless so it’s best to get in touch with your specific needs.

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More Information

Contact and Communication

Fill out the quote form with the details of your project. I’ll review your request and get in touch to answer your questions and work out a plan. Based on our communication I’ll be able to provide you with an estimate and delivery date.

The Production Process

We will work together to create an overview of your project, creative concepts will be ironed out along with your ultimate targets such as intended demographics. This will help ensure an efficient and effective direction.

I’ll then bring your ideas to life and send previews for your feedback. From there, if needed, we’ll fine-tune the remaining details to mould your project exactly to your desired vision.

File Delivery & Payment

When the project is wrapped up I’ll send you a package containing all your files. Projects are also archived, in case you wish to revisit one in the future.

Every artwork/animation project varies in size, therefore payment terms are negotiated per project.

Payment is available via Paypal, credit card, and bank transfer.

Please note: Payment is made in euros (€). Paypal and credit card payments incur a processing fee (and exchange fee for other currencies). If you’re paying in a different currency please let me know and I can offer cost-saving alternative payment options.


Cover Art starts at €50* (per release, including one stock image)

Graphic Design starts at €40* (price for a standard project, including headers for Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and Twitter)

Animation starts at €40* (per video) for Instagram or €60* for YouTube

Discounts are available for bigger projects or when ordering multiple services.

*VAT not included.
VAT-exempt payment is possible for customers outside of Germany with a valid VAT-ID (or equivalent Business Registration Number)